Our ESG Philosophy

The greatest challenge of the 21st century is balancing the economic growth needed to meet the needs of an ever-growing population with preserving the Earth’s ecosystem for future generations. As a leading higher education provider in the UAE and MENA region, we at NEMA Holding have been committed to fostering sustainable development since our inception. We are in the business of education and learning, so bear the responsibility of preparing future leaders to tackle global challenges and ensure the planet is hospitable for future generations. Our belief that research and education have a huge role to play in the sustainable development of our communities and our planet is unwavering.

Our ESG Dimensions

To implement and actualize our ESG vision, we reviewed the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and mapped them into our three ESG dimensions: Empowering Our People, Investing in Our Communities, and Caring for Our Planet.

Our ESG Report

Download our 2022 ESG Report