NEMA Holding was created to provide a platform for the establishment of a portfolio of organizations across the higher education, vocational and corporate training sectors.

We are a market leader in the private higher education sector in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, with recent expansion to Dubai and Al Dhafra Region. In 2018, 7,500 students were enrolled in NEMA Holding’s higher education institutions across the UAE, and 170,000 individuals had been trained through its training solutions companies to date.

Our expansion plans are ambitious but achievable. With a ‘smart’ learning approach and the infrastructure to lead a new era of education, NEMA Holding is poised to support the UAE vision of transforming the future of teaching and learning.


Provide quality education that meets the needs of the market.

Ensure all our students and clients receive a qualification that is recognised internationally through accreditations and collaborations.

Continually update our program and course offering to ensure we remain at the leading edge of innovation and technology.

Provide healthy learning environments, in terms of both the physical space and by nurturing community spirit.

Engage meaningfully with the communities in which we operate through Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Our journey began in 2003 with the launch of Abu Dhabi University, which consisted, at the time, of the College of Business and College of Arts & Sciences in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. 2007 saw the addition of the College of Engineering, now the largest in the UAE, with the College of Law expanding the University’s portfolio in 2016.

In 2005, NEMA Holding established Fortune Properties to provide property and facilities management for our real estate holdings as well as to the wider education community. This was followed shortly by the formation of Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group – rebranded in 2017 as ‘Knowledge Group’, as well as AIM Events and Summit. NEMA Holding acquired a majority shareholding in Khawarizmi International College (KIC) and Khawarizmi Training Solutions (KTS) in 2014.

KIC opened the 2016/2017 academic year at its brand-new facility in Al Bahia and 2017/18 saw the launch of two additional campuses for NEMA Holding, with the University (ADU) opening its doors for students in both Dubai and Al Dhafra Region.

ADU established
ADU established College of Arts & Sciences and College of Business
2005-Fortune Properties launched
Fortune Properties launched
Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group launched
Abu Dhabi University Knowledge Group launched
College of Engineering added
College of Engineering added
AIM Events launched
2008-SUMMIT launched
SUMMIT launched
ISO 9001
ISO 9001
ADU received ISO 9001 certification
2011 QS Ranking/SKEA Award
SKEA Award
ADU received the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
QS Ranking
ADU became one of the youngest institutes ranked among the top universities in the world
2014 – ABET accreditation for Engineering
Shares in KHC acquired by NEMA Holding
ABET accreditation for ADU engineering programs
2015 – AACSB accreditation
AACSB accreditation for ADU College of Business
College of Law launched
College of Law launched
EQUIS accreditation for ADU College of Business
WASC accreditation for ADU
New campus in Al Bahia
2017 QS Ranking
QS Ranking ADU achieved status of top 3% universities globally among world’s best 150 young universities founded after 1967
Rebranding of Knowledge Group
ADU Dubai campus launched
2018 -ADU Al Dhafra campus launched
ADU Al Dhafra campus launched
2021 NEAM Holding acquired full shares of KHC
NEMA Holding acquired full shares of KHC
2022 NEMA Holding acquired Liwa College of Technology
Liwa College of Technology acquired by NEMA Holding


NEMA Holding takes its Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.
We are committed to making a real contribution to the communities in which we operate through:

Delivering education services of the highest standards at the same time as ensuring our students and clients receive value for money.

Providing scholarships to academically gifted students and generous financial aid to students from financially challenged families. More than 8,000 students have benefited from AED 128 million in scholarships since ADU’s inception.

Outreach programs including health awareness campaigns, competitions for children and high school students, and the provision of professional development for teaching professionals and the community at large.